Touchless Car Wash

Autobay Car Wash at Sharky's Car & Dog Wash

$3 Touchless Car Wash Unbeatable!

Sharky’s has an automatic touchless car Wash. You pull in, follow the signals, and your car is washed, period.

Why we are the best touchless car wash.  Our automated touchless car washing is superior because nothing is touching your car. Your car will not be damaged by brushes or the guy’s car ahead of you loaded with dirt and grime.

Our touchless car wash washes the undercarriage.  Pull your car in slowly as your undercarriage gets the warm bath of a lifetime.

We use the best ingredients!

  • Touchless car wash soap we use the best soap
  • Our top wash uses Turtle Wax Fire & Ice
  • We use hot water
  • Our water is softened
  • On the Great White and Megalodon washes, we use reverse osmosis water
  • Touchless car wash equipment – we have the Washworld High Velocity – tweaked and upgraded.
Our prices are superior:

Competition Killer – $3 (unbeatable value) (undercarriage, 2 soap cycles, High pressure hot water rinse, no dryer)

Great White – $7 (Supercharged)

Megalodon – $12 TURTLE WAX

Megalodon Wash $12 includes:
Free Vacuums!
Turtle Wax ICE – Dries & Protects
Turtle Wax FIRE – Caranuba Wax
Undercarriage Wash – enter bay slowly
Acidic Wash (Mag Chlor killer)
Alkaline Wash (organic compound remover – grease, etc)
High Pressure hot water Rinse
Triple Foam
Another High Pressure hot water RinsE
Reverse Osmosis Spot Free rinse
High Powered Dryers (has it’s own electric panel!)

Autobay Triple Foam Video:

We have a touchless car wash membership.

Premium Car manufacturers recommend the touchless car wash:

  • Tesla

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