Back on top of Dog Washing

We are back on top with dog washing. We re-engineered the mixing valve with the tankless hot water to provide a better summer balance, fixed the conditioner pump, back ahead of it! Oh we also increased water pressure while increasing soap injection just because. Actually we did it because we love to make things better it’s just fun!

Dog Wash news

50 degree weather today. Free car wash with purchase of any dog wash. Just text 303-626-7000 with time of dog wash and receive code for free car wash. Sharky’s dog wash is outdoors so there is no smell!

We recently upgraded the heater once again. Now it is in the pump room. A huge Rinnai tankless powers the dog wash. It is very comfy, right around 98-100 degrees. Water pressure has been increased so you can wash your pups in no time.

We increased the start times from 5 minutes to 7 ($5 cash), and from 10 minutes to 12 ($10 credit card). This is to allow 2 extra minutes for hot water to reach dog wash if need be.