Fleet Accounts

We offer discounted fleet accounts.  One of the most logical ways is as follows:

We set up separate codes (5 digit) for each vehicle, this way you could track each vehicle.  Billing would go under the group – your company.  For example, if you have 2 trucks,

Truck 1 = code 1, (any 5 digit number that driver would use at car wash. 12345

Truck 2 = code 2 – 12346

Billing would be under your company with Truck 1 & Truck 2 usage itemized.

Codes work in autobay, self serve and vacuums.

The account can be prepaid or post pay (subject to credit review).

Please feel free to call or email, Phil 303-626-7000.  email: Phil@cardogwash.com.  Happy Holidays.

P.S. Could also be set up with cards, and there’s also an app that I have explored, but the code setup is easiest since in integrates with car wash system (code activates car wash services).