Get $2 off our Ultimate Wash! Enter Code 77755

Get $2 off our Ultimate Wash. Enter code 77755. Code must be entered first. Ultimate wash is regularly $9, get it for $7!

Ultimate Wash has these services:
Free Vacuum Code
*Clear Coat Protectant – Dries & Protects
*2X Passes Lustra Foam
*Low PH PreSoak
*High PH PreSoak – *CLEAN CUT 360*
*2X Passes High Pressure Wash
*Spot Free Rinse
*Undercarriage Spray

New! Free Vacuums with purchase of Ultimate Wash – Touchless!

As new owners, we are constantly working on improving customer satisfaction and performance.  We have an amazing Touchless Automatic Bay – The Wash World High Velocity.  We have tweaked our wash to make it as close to brushes but without risking scratching your beautiful car.

We have now improved on that experience by adding free vacuums when you purchase the $9 Ultimate Wash.  Thank you to our customers!


Groupon Campaign Launched

The idea was to have the $9 ultimate wash for $5. However, the way the voucher is drafted it applies to the entire car wash, which is fine, except that the dog wash is on a different system and it cannot be integrated. So the $9 for $5 will apply to the autobay, self serve bays, and vacuums only. All of the systems at the car wash have are in the process of being upgraded since my ownership about 6 weeks ago!

The Ultimate Wash is so beefed up here it is:

1 – Undercarriage Wash – enter bay slowly
2 – Alkaline Wash
3 – Acidic Wash (Mag Chlor killer)
4 – High Pressure hot water Rinse
5 – Triple Foam
6 – Another Triple Foam (foamy!!)
7 – Another High Pressure hot water Rinse
8 – High Pressure hot water wax/polish/protectant with Carnauba
9 – Reverse Osmosis Spot Free rinse
10 – High Powered Dryers (has it’s own electric panel!)

This wash take about 7 minutes so have some reading material. Your car will come out amazing!